Lumbar Obi Cushion Covers. Grey, Geometric Red/ Blue. 30x60cm. 12x24''

70 EUR

A limited run of around five unique cushion covers made from rare vintage (ca. 60 year old) obi sash. The obi is a heavy densely woven silk speciality designer fabric in silver grey background colour with a woven geometric pattern of diamonds in blue and red. The backs of these covers are from new natural grey undyed and unbleached coarse linen . These are unique statement cushion covers, would make a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Zip fastening. Unlined. 

Obis are wide sashes worn in Japan over kimonos. This obi fabric is salvaged from a vintage sash ca. 60 years old and has some minor creases and pinholes along the edges from previous folds and stitches. It has been dry cleaned prior to sewing. 

Size: the covers fit standard 30x60cm (12x24'') lumbar pillow inserts. Please note the actual covers are slightly smaller than the inserts for best fit. Photographed on inserts from ikea. Inserts are not included. 

The indigo ikat cushion covers are sold separately. 

Care instructions: dry clean, spot wipe. Area washing is possible without soaking. Iron on linen side.