project sarafan

Modern Embroidery. Textile art in Embroidery Hoop

An original piece made using silkscreen printing, appliqué (the yagasuri silk insert from a vintage kimono) and embroidery designed and made by me. The piece is "framed" in an embroidery hoop ready for hanging. Natural undyed linen background, print in dark green/ black colours, embroidery in beige (natural linen) thread. The motif for the stylized tree is inspired by a shepherd's purse plant found everywhere in Europe as well as by Scandinavian textiles.

A gift for a hard-to-please. Will make a feature in a small area, like a hallway, landing, nursery, bathroom, kitchen, anywhere there is a small wall area especially if it's catching sunlight to allow the viewer to see the the textures and the contrast between the lighter linen and dark embroidery. Eye-catching /rustic/ edgy/ sophisticated/ primitive/ modern/ vintage/ boho chic...

25.5 cm diameter

Ships by registered post with tracking and insurance.

52 EUR
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