1960s Large Ceramic Fox Figurine

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Large Fox figurine made in the USSR in 1960-70s. Hand painted faience porcelain. This is a highly collectable unique sculptural piece truthfully capturing the nature of the animal.

This unique figurine was designed by one of the best Soviet artists for Konakovo (ZIK) factory. Konakovo (abbreviated ZIK) Factory stamp on the lower front part of the sculpt
Title "Fox", Ref. number 09, on page 180 of the "Catalogue of Soviet Porcelain 1930-1980".

Condition: good vintage condition. There is a small flaw: on the tail there is a ca. 1/4'' 1cm under-the-glaze line or scratch mark in the paint. This flaw is seen in 2nd and last photos. There are also a few dark dots also underneath the glazing visible on close inspection. These are factory defects and not post-manufacturing damage.

Height: 15cm. Length: 17cm. (5.9x6.69''). Weight: ca. 0.3kg.

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