Vintage Silk Haori Jacket. Pink. Floral. Size XS/S/M

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1970s silk woman's haori gown in light peach-pink with stylised asymmetric woven chrysanthemums motif at the back in red, gris, grey-blue. Made entirely by hand Japan in 1970s from from chirimen silk (including lining).
Delicate and gorgeous this would make a perfect gift. 

May be worn loose or with a belt (not included).

SIZE: One size fits XS/S/M but please check against the actual dimensions below:
Width Sleeve to Sleeve :120cm (47.2 "),
shoulder to hem: 71cm (27.9 ").
Weight: 0.43kg

Haoris are lightweight jackets meant to be worn over kimonos and ususally not meant to be fastened or tied. This haori has no ties but there are two small fabric hoops on the inside front where ties may be attached. No matter which way you choose to wear your haori, either as a dressing gown or a light jacket, you will not want to hide it away!

CARE:  Dry clean only.


*While all our vintage garments have been cleaned (laundered or dry cleaned) and are properly stored folded in air tight containers, a degree of smell may be expected in any garment (even a new one) when first opening. Airing for a few days or spraying with a solution of water/vinegar should get rid of the smell.